Councillor Dan De'Ath

Dan is the father of four and a regular guest at tea parties. He is also a local councillor.

“It’s a huge honour to be elected to serve your community and - as schmaltzy and clichéd as it may sound – it’s extremely rewarding being able to help people in difficulty. I represent a busy, inner city ward so you meet a huge range of people with a huge range of needs and issues. But being a councillor means you’re not just helping people on an individual basis, you also have a say at what happens in the city more widely and the policy direction of the local authority, so you’re able to have a say on what kind of city or town your residents would like to see in the future.

I’ve found the role of a councillor is more flexible then you might imagine – which is what you need when you have young children, and I’d absolutely encourage people with children, young people, and particularly people from working class backgrounds to consider standing for office. You won’t look back."

Dan is a former Lord Mayor.

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